Writers and Bad Reviews

In the past five months I have given words of encouragements to fellow writers when they have received their first bad review. I thought I would share the last one (via text), so that I will be able to read these words of wisdom and remember that it’s okay to get those bad reviews.

“I know it’s hard to get a bad review, but remember not everyone is going to like your story, the plot, your characters, your writing, etc.. You need to look at the bigger picture and realize that one bad reviewer or two is not going to kill you. Pick yourself up from the floor, have some ice cream or an apple, and keep writing. Learn from what the reviewer said and try to take it as constructive criticism.

Now make sure you save this text and you can just copy, paste, and send whenever I get a bad review, because you know it’ll come whenever I finally publish my books. LOL!

[The second half is from a follow up text.]

I hope it made you feel better. And wasn’t it King who said you know you’re doing something right when you get bad reviews. He gets all types of bad reviews, but he makes $17M a year. Hmm, they can write all the bad reviews they want if you’re still making money. Look at the reviews for Stephanie Meyers, E.L. James, etc. there were some nasty ones. Okay, so now it’s two texts you have to send me. LOL”

Good luck fellow writers!