My Writing Journal

Writing Garbage or Inspiration?

Everyone encourages us to write every day so we, the unpublished writers, follow the advice of the published authors, prepare to write, and then sit at our desks ready for the juices to flow.

And we wait.

And we wait until we bang on the key board until finally the words come through our fingertips and the whiteness of the screen fills with words. We go as far as we can in one sitting and feel that elation when we produce these words on paper.

Unfortunately, more often then we care to admit, when we review our work we realize that it was so forced that 95% is garbage and only 5% can be used.

Luckily that tiny amount can be deemed inspirational merely for the reason that we got something out of the exercise.

So my fellow writers take that five percent of successful writing and run with it!

My Writing Journal

Procrastination or Wasted Time

I met one of my writing partners at Panera’s at 11:15 am and it was 12:30 pm with not one word added to my newest project.



Another writing partner showed up and I knew she was going to stop that chit chat and put us to work.

It’s always important to have at least one writing partner take out the “whip” and stop the, sometimes very, idle chatter, so we can get our mojo going. I was hoping to get at least 500 words before I had to pick up my children from school.


And I did. 😉 Thanks fellow writing partner for that well deserved kick! And that is why both my writing partners are Published Authors working on their fourth book.

Hmm, I really should get a move on as I have four books, but I have not published one. Dare I repeat myself? Yeah, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE KICK ME INTO GEAR!


Tormented Mind

Sharing my labtop with my preteen daughter is torture. She can’t use her brother’s because it takes too long to load her online game, hers has died, and that all consuming important social life will be totally destroyed if I don’t let her play with a friend.

Oh well she did finish her homework, and finally vacuumed her side of the car. The sacrifices a mom will make for her child.

So I’ll type this post from my cell phone, while my fingers itch to write and my next scenes scream to get out of my head onto a full sized screen.

Oh, and did I mention that my characters are vying to be first in the next scene?

I think only fellow writers will understand my tormented state. Others will think I have a couple of loose screws.

My Writing Journal

To Write or Not

Writing, as easy as a stroll on the beach, or as difficult as pulling the words from mid-air.

Some days I sit and stare at the screen. Where are my characters I ask? Unfortunately they are all stationed in an outdoor gazebo, on a night with such a fog cover that it makes them blind and distorts all of their senses.

Oh, well. Perhaps I’ll nudge them by playing some music or setting a timer. Sometimes the pressure of the clock ticking will motivate my characters from escaping and then I cannot type fast enough.

It can be feast or famine for me.