Tormented Mind

Sharing my labtop with my preteen daughter is torture. She can’t use her brother’s because it takes too long to load her online game, hers has died, and that all consuming important social life will be totally destroyed if I don’t let her play with a friend.

Oh well she did finish her homework, and finally vacuumed her side of the car. The sacrifices a mom will make for her child.

So I’ll type this post from my cell phone, while my fingers itch to write and my next scenes scream to get out of my head onto a full sized screen.

Oh, and did I mention that my characters are vying to be first in the next scene?

I think only fellow writers will understand my tormented state. Others will think I have a couple of loose screws.


4 thoughts on “Tormented Mind

  1. I totally understand your pain. When I can’t get to the computer to write for whatever reason, my characters get all antsy, and I feel like I’m going nuts. I hope you get your laptop back and get that story out soon!

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