My Writing Journal

Procrastination or Wasted Time

I met one of my writing partners at Panera’s at 11:15 am and it was 12:30 pm with not one word added to my newest project.



Another writing partner showed up and I knew she was going to stop that chit chat and put us to work.

It’s always important to have at least one writing partner take out the “whip” and stop the, sometimes very, idle chatter, so we can get our mojo going. I was hoping to get at least 500 words before I had to pick up my children from school.


And I did. 😉 Thanks fellow writing partner for that well deserved kick! And that is why both my writing partners are Published Authors working on their fourth book.

Hmm, I really should get a move on as I have four books, but I have not published one. Dare I repeat myself? Yeah, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE KICK ME INTO GEAR!


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