When Life Inteferes

Today I planned to edit my first book most of the day. It was my priority. Nothing was stopping me this morning.

Did it happen?

No, no it didn’t. This time it wasn’t my children, but life that decided to invade my editing and writing schedule.

The installation of three fans shouldn’t have ever interrupted my writing. Nor should some phone calls to inquire about estimates for pressure washing my roof before the association decided it was so dirty they needed to fine me.

How did I do ?

I probably managed about two hours of editing and the rest was spent helping the installer, who misplaced some screws, couldn’t sync the remote control with the fan, all while having my roof cleaned with that awful chlorine smell.

Driving my daughter to her friends’ house, and my son to the mall, where we shopped and ate, obviously didn’t help, but I didn’t mind these two.

Oh, and let’s not forget the time spent on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Periscope, and Twitter. It’s a lot of fun, but time consuming.

Today was unfortunate, but from failure come successes.

In 2016 my resolution is to edit and write every single day and publish at least two of my books.

What are your New Year resolutions?

Wising everyone a Happy New Year!


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