#wipJOY March 2016 Second Week

20160104_161418 SAILBOAT BEACH

Protagonist versus Antagonist Week (6th through 12th):


6) I was stuck wanting to do something I knew I shouldn’t  but wanted to do so badly despite everything else. (Thalía Cassandra Reynari, protagonist)

7) Thalía is maddening when she doesn’t listen to her inner voice.

8) Thalía’s heart is the most lovable thing for me right now. She’s sweet and wants to make others happier; she’s generous with her time.

9) “Thalía what will your parents say when they find out you’re dating CM Cooper? You know the truth always comes out. Either they’ll stumble upon it or someone will let the cat out of the bag.”

10) Yes, I believe I could be friends with my antagonist, but I’d probably roll my eyes at him quite a bit and chide him for the trouble he causes others.

11) Dave is almost a genius, he’s drop dead gorgeous, and is quite charming, but underneath all that he hurts others, because he carries a deep wound.

12) Dave’s aggressively chasing Thalía is what puts them at odds with each other, especially when she chooses to date CM and not him.

This is a great exercise for me as a pantsy writer, because I wrote this book in three months with no prior experience–except for reading thousands of books–and no plot.


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