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Link to Blog Post on Advice for Writers

I love how authors help each other even through the simple action of providing advice. Casey Hays’s asked a question on the one advice we received to share with a new writer and out comes this wonderful blog post for all writers to read.

Click for Lessons from the Iceberg blog post

I’m included in there with the simple advice to “Find your own voice because no one writes like you do.”

It’s a simple sentence summarizing all the years of workshops, reading, and speaking to authors that I can impart to others. Although not one person ever said it quite that way, I know it is the one advice I could give and it ties with theĀ meme I tweeted 0n Thursday.

Copy the leader should not not the road to sucess.

We are each special in our own way, therefore we should follow our own path to success. What worked for one successful author may not work for me or you. It’s important to learn from others and we should attempt to emulate all the amazing things they’ve done, but we can’t copy them without stepping back to see if it works…for us.

Please let me know if it helps with your own writing and continue to love and encourage others.


You can apply thisĀ even if you aren’t a writer: There is only one you, so follow your own path to success!