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New eBook Amazon Giveaways!

If you love reading inspirational YA Contemporary Romances then check out Kelsie Stelting’s new book in The Texas Star Series.

Best of all you can try to win the eBooks on Amazon!

Follow me on Amazon by clicking the link below each preview for a chance to win an eBook copy!

If you’ve already followed me or want another chance, then head to my Facebook page by using the link below.

Aren’t these the sweetest covers?

She’s so focused on fighting for her dreams, she forgets to fight for herself.

Click for a Chance to win Lonesome Skye: Book 1 (Amazon Giveaway}


Is she ready to pick up the pieces of her broken life?

Click for a chance to win Becoming Skye: Book 2 (Amazon Giveaway)



Click for another chance to win the eBooks on my Facebook Author Page

While you’re there you can like my page and follow me to find out about my books, giveaways, and find other authors who write inspirational YA romances.

The four Amazon giveaways end on August 20th so don’t delay.

Good Luck!


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