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Discover Twelve Fairytale Retellings at the Kingdom of Fairytales Epic Adventure!

Ever wonder what happened after the happily-ever-after of your favorite fairytale?

In 2020, delve into our epic adventure, which begins eighteen years after the fairytale endings:

One prequel.

Ten authors.

Twelve Seasons.

Fifty-two books.

Each chapter covers one day for a total of 365 chapters.

Read about a different fairytale kingdom every four weeks beginning January 1st, 2020!

It’s a unique reading experience.

Check out the prequel for a sample of each of the twelve kingdoms.

It’s free beginning January 1st, 2020 but only for a short time!

If you don’t have an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription and want to read all 52 books check out our Patreon page.

You choose a tier level, pay for a monthly subscription, and receive goodies and swag not available to anyone else. 

There is a tier level for everyone. 

Click Patreon to check out the levels.

I hope you’ll join us for the ride!

Happy New Year!

May 2020 bring you lots of love, joy, and happiness!



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