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King of Beasts is FREE Today Only!

COVID-19 lingers like a bad hangover times ten.

While here in Florida we’re in Phase 1 and people are beginning to socialize a bit more, we’re still staying at home.

I hope that wherever you are that you’re finding hope in the simple joys of life.

The sun really does help the body to release its tension and feel more relax. At least my body does and it’s why I’ve been using my backyard almost every day.

And reading helps to take us from our current world into a new one.

Yesterday, I finished the King of Beasts and it’s a great read.

Since it’s the first book in the sixth season, King of Beasts, and it’s free today only, you may want to pick it up and lose yourself in a world with fairies and budding love.


All the Kingdom of Fairytale books are free with the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Enjoy reading and please stay safe.

And if you can, please try to be

kind to everyone.

We can all use more kindness in the world.


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