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COVID-19 has brought the world to its knees but right now I don’t want to dwell on all the pain and suffering it’s bringing to so many of us.

But I hope you are doing well and are finding hope despite the negativity of this virus.

Are you cleaning more than ever before?

Organizing those closets?

Spending time with family?

Reading more?

All of the above?

My daughter and I have been staying home for the last three weeks and my husband joined us this last week.

He normally works so much that this has been a welcomed change in our lives. Despite that he’s still working a bunch at home; he’s not commuting so he has more time for us.

While I try not to be glued to the news, it seems as I always am.

But my daughter and I did mange to start painting my son’s room. I’ve also managed to read and write more.

My husband and I have picked up take out from a few restaurants to support them and ran to the grocery store for needed items every few days. We’re also try to take a daily walk in secluded areas, which has been great.

Unfortunately, they’ve now closed all our parks so we may just have to walk in our neighborhood.

In light of this pandemic, the authors of the Kingdom of Fairytales series wanted to help our readers so we’ve made the first book in the third season, King of Wolves, free for the next few days!

You can pick up your free eBook today before it reverts back to $2.99.

Did you see that you can get a FREE Amazon Kindle Subscription for two months?

I find that a monthly $9.99 charge for an unlimited number of books is amazing but now with this offer during this pandemic you can read so many books.

All the Kingdom of Fairytale books are in KU so you can read at least the first five seasons for free. If you only read this series, that should come out to 30 books for free!

Thank you Amazon!

I’m hoping that doctors find safe drugs to minimize the number of deaths from this pandemic and that it will be over soon so we can all return to our normal lives.

Please stay safe.

And I hope you can enjoy reading.

Also, if you are able, please try to help others in need because at the end of this, we want to be able to show our love to someone who desperately needs it.

A simple phone call or text can help a person feel less alone as most of us are isolated in our homes.


Please try to love everyone.



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Discover Twelve Fairytale Retellings at the Kingdom of Fairytales Epic Adventure!

Ever wonder what happened after the happily-ever-after of your favorite fairytale?

In 2020, delve into our epic adventure, which begins eighteen years after the fairytale endings:

One prequel.

Ten authors.

Twelve Seasons.

Fifty-two books.

Each chapter covers one day for a total of 365 chapters.

Read about a different fairytale kingdom every four weeks beginning January 1st, 2020!

It’s a unique reading experience.

Check out the prequel for a sample of each of the twelve kingdoms.

It’s free beginning January 1st, 2020 but only for a short time!

If you don’t have an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription and want to read all 52 books check out our Patreon page.

You choose a tier level, pay for a monthly subscription, and receive goodies and swag not available to anyone else. 

There is a tier level for everyone. 

Click Patreon to check out the levels.

I hope you’ll join us for the ride!

Happy New Year!

May 2020 bring you lots of love, joy, and happiness!


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Showing Love With Two Amazon Giveaways, a $0.99 Sale, and A Free YA and NA Sweet Romance Collection!

This is how I show readers of sweet and inspirational books love for the month of November: giveaways, sales, and a free collection!

You can win my first two eBooks by clicking these two links. Enter the Amazon giveaways until November 28th 11:59 pm PST.

Click to enter:

Masquerading Our Love Amazon Giveaway

Thinking About Love, Part 1 Amazon Giveaway

Good luck to all of you!

If you don’t win, you can buy the first one on Amazon for only $0.99. Sale ends November 27th at 12 am PST.

(For less than a cup of coffee, you can lose yourself in this sweet and innocent first time falling in love book.)

And you can read my  first two books for free if you subscribe to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program.

My third book, which concludes the happily-ever-after romance between Stuart and Trina in Thinking About Love, Part 1, will be on pre-order for only $0.99. You can click to buy it and it will be in KU when it’s released.

 Thinking about Love_pt2_KINDLE  Thinking About Love, Part 2 Link

Do you enjoy short stories? How about short stories from eight different authors? My first short story, Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire, is in You & Me Forever: A Sweet Romance Collection.

And the entire collection is free!

You can download it today to read from best selling and new YA and NA authors!


Christmas is right around the corner and I’ll be announcing more sales and free books from other authors and myself. So stay tune.

We can always show love by being kind, encouraging, and helping each other to make our world a better place to live in.


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Who Doesn’t Love a Good Book Sale?

Follow the link below to check out Clean Indie Reads Back-to-School Sale.

You’ll find free books, plenty at $0.99 to choose from. And all books are no more than $2.99 but please double check the price before buying.

I’ve slashed the price of Masquerading Our Love from $3.99 to only $0.99.

You can buy these books at their lower prices from September 1 – 8 2017.

Click here to find books on sale!

Have fun shopping in the Clean Indie Reads Back to School Sale!


My stories

You and Me Forever: A Sweet Romance Collection is now LIVE!



Eight Short Stories from Eight bestselling and new authors! Get your free copy now and enjoy falling in love!

So excited that it’s now live. You can download your free copy of the YA and NA collection at the following retailers:



Google Play:…/Megan_Linski_You_Me_Forever_A_Swe…



Can’t wait to hear what you think about my first short story!


FREE YA and NA Romance Collection Pre-order is Now Live!


The FREE YA and NA Romance Collection from EIGHT best-selling and new authors is now available for pre-order at the following sites: