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Heiress of the Sea is LIVE!

Have you finished reading Queen of Mermaids yet?

You can catch up before picking up the second book of the second season. Things are are really heating up.

Princesses Blaise’s heart is torn between her life long disdain for the Mer-folk and her feelings for the gorgeous merman she is drawn to over and over again. She can’t seem to help herself despite her head telling her that she should hate Fish, while her heart screams “No way!” every single time.

Can her heart be lying to her? Or has the Anti-Mermaid Legue been lying?


Want to listen to the playlist that Blaise inspired? It’s an eclectic selection for sure. (I apologize for the racier scenes in the I Don’t Wanna Live Forever video.)


Stay tune as the second season’s Kingdom Confidentials (five secrets not in the book) will be released on YouTube next week!