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The Golden Boy is Listed as a # 1 Bestseller in Teen Categories on Amazon!

Seven Steps and I are super excited that we hit number one in several Amazon Teen & YA categories.

I love this screenshot!

Number One behind JK Rowling in Arts

Our FB New Release party is still in full swing.

You’ll have chances to win an eBook copy of 

The Golden Boy, download a free ebook, play games, and have fun without leaving the comfort of your home.

Click here to join our New Release Party!

We would love to see you there!

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Link to Seven Steps’ Interview And Giveaways.

I want to thank Seven Steps for interviewing me. Click for Interview

Here are the giveaways for my three books:

Masquerading Our Love

Thinking About Love, Part 1 Hosted by Seven Steps

Thinking About Love, Part 2


I hope you win!

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Recommended in the Opinions Are Just That Blog!

I’ve been so busy working on the final edits of Thinking About Love, Part 2 that I didn’t have a chance to mention the recommendation on my own blog. And even though I did Tweet and post on Facebook I still feel guilty not posting on my blog. 

So here is my big shout out to:

Thank you so much Julie Spencer for recommending Thinking About Love, Part 2 on your blog! I just loved it!

You can click on this link  Opinions Are Just That to check out the blog post and other clean and wholesome books.

I can’t wait for you to read it as my beta readers are saying this is my best work ever!

Back to making it even better by catching all those pesky typos.

(If you want to find out more about what I’m working on, please Like and Follow my Facebook Audrey Rich page).

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day loving everyone!

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Thank You So Much McKee Library For This Interview!

Since I can remember, libraries have been a part of my life because my mom took me to one every week. When I had my son, I was determined to follow the tradition.

It’s so amazing to lose yourself in a library full of books and people who love to read.

If you have tumblr then you can read the November 10th McKee Library Interview there.

Thanks so much McKee Library for the interview


I’ve also copied and pasted it for those who don’t have tumblr”

What are you working on now?

I’m working on part 2 of Thinking About Love in my Stonehaven High Series. It’s about Trina Weber, a popular senior dating her perfect boyfriend, Stuart Grant. Everything is great until she decides to make one bad decision that will lead them to rethink their future and their love. I’m dreading all the crying while I write how she has to make some serious choices.

How have libraries been a part of your life?

Libraries have been a part of my life since I can remember. My mom used to bring me to the local public library every single week so I could borrow books. All throughout high school, college, and graduate school I lived in the school and public libraries because they are the best place to study and read about anything and everything. Librarians are wonderful resources. I began taking my son to the library before he was two years old and as a nineteen year old. He still goes about two times a month to one of our local public libraries. And one of his favorite places in his own college is the campus library.

What is your favorite book and why?

I have too many books to list favorites. Each book brings me to a different place. But if I have to choose, then I will select one book I re-read all the time, besides the Bible (because it has so many stories and life lessons all in one place). Stephanie Lauren’s “A Secret Love” is the book that I tend to read at least once or twice a year.

Any advice for today’s college students?

The one advice for today’s college students is to follow their dream no matter what. If you love to read, then pursue jobs where you can read. Or if you like to write, then pursue those jobs. You can have regular jobs to sustain your lifestyle but keep that dream alive until you find your perfect job.

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Catch the eBook Sale for Only $0.99!

This week my debut novel is on sale from $3.99 to only $0.99 because it’s Thanksgiving Week in the USA.

It’s a week of being grateful for all that we’ve been given.

And I’m so thankful that I’m an author with two published books and a third on the way. Pick up the first book on the 22nd for only $0.99 if you want to read a sweet and innocent teen eBook about falling in love for the first time.

For all those celebrating, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Grab a copy before the $0.99 sale ends on November 28, 2017.


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Amazon Giveaways for Two of My Books!

Only $0.99!

The pre-order for Thinking About Love, Part 2

is live!


You can check out the eBook blurb at

I wanted to show love to readers by setting up an Amazon Giveaway for my first two ebooks.

Enter the Amazon giveaways for a chance to win Masquerading Our Love and Thinking About Love, Part 1 by clicking links.

Masquerading Our Love Giveaway

Thinking About Love, Part 1 Giveaway


They both expire at midnight PST on

November 28, 2017 

Good Luck!