Romantic Love Words: From A to Z

For a Facebook post, I wrote a word for each letter of the alphabet to describe love.

Of course, I had to take some liberties but then I am a writer.


belonging caring devotion


forgiveness gentleness



joy kindness longing


nurturing openness


quality respect stability



vitality work


  yearning zeal



From A to Z, love is everything good you could imagine with that one special partner who will rock your world.

I’ve been married for almost 25 years and my husband is still the love of my life as well as my Hero in our own romance story.

I hope you find that perfect person who will love you for who you are and who you can love with all your heart.

You can check out my books on Amazon and my free short story on Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and Kobo.

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During these hard times please try to show love to others.

People really need love right now.

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What is Romantic Love? Check Out “The Funny Thing Called Love: Feel Good Romance Stories” to Find Out.

Romantic love is something you can’t see, smell, or touch but there is no denying that it is an overpowering emotion that can make you feel as though you’re on top of the world…or at the bottom of an abyss when it disappears from your life.

It’s a euphoria feeling so overwhelming it can take your breath away or form desperation so powerful that you wish you could stop breathing if you’re not with the person you love.

It can also push you forward to want to achieve your best self.

Love can definitely change your entire life.

Unfortunately, life can also be ruined when the love is unrequited or has disappeared.

Don’t you prefer the happy feelings after reading a happily-ever-after ending?

How about diving into sixteen stories where romantic love always has a happy ending?

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Hope you have a wonderful day!

Let’s all show our love to everyone!

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Please stay safe.
And happy reading!

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Please stay safe and be kind to everyone.

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King of Beasts is FREE Today Only!

COVID-19 lingers like a bad hangover times ten.

While here in Florida we’re in Phase 1 and people are beginning to socialize a bit more, we’re still staying at home.

I hope that wherever you are that you’re finding hope in the simple joys of life.

The sun really does help the body to release its tension and feel more relax. At least my body does and it’s why I’ve been using my backyard almost every day.

And reading helps to take us from our current world into a new one.

Yesterday, I finished the King of Beasts and it’s a great read.

Since it’s the first book in the sixth season, King of Beasts, and it’s free today only, you may want to pick it up and lose yourself in a world with fairies and budding love.


All the Kingdom of Fairytale books are free with the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Enjoy reading and please stay safe.

And if you can, please try to be

kind to everyone.

We can all use more kindness in the world.

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COVID-19 has brought the world to its knees but right now I don’t want to dwell on all the pain and suffering it’s bringing to so many of us.

But I hope you are doing well and are finding hope despite the negativity of this virus.

Are you cleaning more than ever before?

Organizing those closets?

Spending time with family?

Reading more?

All of the above?

My daughter and I have been staying home for the last three weeks and my husband joined us this last week.

He normally works so much that this has been a welcomed change in our lives. Despite that he’s still working a bunch at home; he’s not commuting so he has more time for us.

While I try not to be glued to the news, it seems as I always am.

But my daughter and I did mange to start painting my son’s room. I’ve also managed to read and write more.

My husband and I have picked up take out from a few restaurants to support them and ran to the grocery store for needed items every few days. We’re also try to take a daily walk in secluded areas, which has been great.

Unfortunately, they’ve now closed all our parks so we may just have to walk in our neighborhood.

In light of this pandemic, the authors of the Kingdom of Fairytales series wanted to help our readers so we’ve made the first book in the third season, King of Wolves, free for the next few days!

You can pick up your free eBook today before it reverts back to $2.99.

Did you see that you can get a FREE Amazon Kindle Subscription for two months?

I find that a monthly $9.99 charge for an unlimited number of books is amazing but now with this offer during this pandemic you can read so many books.

All the Kingdom of Fairytale books are in KU so you can read at least the first five seasons for free. If you only read this series, that should come out to 30 books for free!

Thank you Amazon!

I’m hoping that doctors find safe drugs to minimize the number of deaths from this pandemic and that it will be over soon so we can all return to our normal lives.

Please stay safe.

And I hope you can enjoy reading.

Also, if you are able, please try to help others in need because at the end of this, we want to be able to show our love to someone who desperately needs it.

A simple phone call or text can help a person feel less alone as most of us are isolated in our homes.


Please try to love everyone.



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Heiress of the Sea is LIVE!

Have you finished reading Queen of Mermaids yet?

You can catch up before picking up the second book of the second season. Things are are really heating up.

Princesses Blaise’s heart is torn between her life long disdain for the Mer-folk and her feelings for the gorgeous merman she is drawn to over and over again. She can’t seem to help herself despite her head telling her that she should hate Fish, while her heart screams “No way!” every single time.

Can her heart be lying to her? Or has the Anti-Mermaid Legue been lying?


Want to listen to the playlist that Blaise inspired? It’s an eclectic selection for sure. (I apologize for the racier scenes in the I Don’t Wanna Live Forever video.)


Stay tune as the second season’s Kingdom Confidentials (five secrets not in the book) will be released on YouTube next week!


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Queen of Mermaids is Live!

Princess Blaise, the daughter of Queen Antonella (The Little Mermaid) and King Ermias, is a proud member of the Anti-Mermaid League…so why is she drawn to the gorgeous merman named Fish?

Click on the cover to read the first book in the second season of the Kingdom of Fairytale series and fall in love with Blaise and Fish, the merman who’ll make you swoon.


Sunday Surprise

Thank you, Barbara G. Tarn, for the interview on your blog at Creativebarbwire.wordpress.com!



Barbara G.Tarn - writer

And it’s a guest! Another wonderful indie author! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Audrey Rich!

Where do you live and write from?

I live and write in Sunny South Florida in the USA but I’m originally from New York City.

Why do you write?

My soul calls me to write and my characters definitely beg for their stories to be written.

When did you start writing?

I’ve always loved to write and put together stories in my head but I earnestly began to write in 2011 after one late night I opened up Word and the words spilled from my fingers. There wasn’t even an inkling that I would choose to become a writer.

But it was an answer to a prayer for a career change that led me to embark on my writing adventure until the moment the characters came to life in my head and the words appeared…

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