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Amazon Giveaway for Sally Henson’s Ebook and Paperback!

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A Love Poem From My Cinderella Retelling


It can pull my heart

to pinnacle heights or deep abysses,

leaving me all euphoric or destroyed.

I am his to bend.

My heroine writes this short poem for her AP English assignment. 



UPDATE: Congrats to Anthony Lucero, who Claimed His Prize! Goodreads Halloween Follows Giveaway! You can win a $350 Amazon Gift Card!

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Cover Reveal for My Latest Project!

Isn’t this cover gorgeous?

This Cinderella story with a twist

still doesn’t have a title but I’m having a ball writing it.

And this is a Young Adult collection!

Written by Best Selling authors.

The release is on 12/18/2018 but the pre-order is up at:


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